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What Break Periods Am I Entitled To?

What Break Periods Am I Entitled To?

Under California law (which is much more generous to employees than federal law), if you are a non-exempt worker, you are entitled to meal and rest breaks: a 30-minute meal break if you work more than 5 hours in a workday, and 10 minutes breaks for every 4 hours you ...

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Can My Employer Break My Employment Contract? Can I?

Can My Employer Break My Employment Contract? Can I?

Whenever it comes to contracts, the answer is always the same: it depends on what the contract says. A contract is a contract is a contract. Neither you nor your employer can breach a contract without facing the consequences. That is, unless the contract says it's ok. This is why ...

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Top 5 Tips: So You Want to Sue Your Boss?

Top 5 Tips: So You Want to Sue Your Boss?

So you want to sue your employer for racial discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblower retaliation, failure to pay you your last paycheck, what have you. Now what? Here are five tips all clients should keep in mind before they pick up the phone to call a lawyer. Tip 1: Write it, don’t ...

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Can My Boss Fire Me at Any Time for Any Reason? What is “at will”?

Can My Boss Fire Me at Any Time for Any Reason? What is “at will”?

"At-Will". California is an "at-will" employment state. What does this mean? In most cases, it means that your boss can fire you at any time for almost any reason or no reason at all. She can fire you because she doesn't like you thinks you're too tall or short thinks you talk too ...

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Background Checks — What Are My Rights?

Background Checks -- What Are My Rights?

If you're applying for a job, or want to keep one, you're going to have to accept that background checks are becoming a part of work life. An estimated 50% of resumes submitted by job applicants contain false or inaccurate information. Bad employees who slip through the hiring process can ...

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We’ve Been Named a Top 100 Legal Blog!

Top law blogs award Great news! The Daily Reviewer has just selected “California Labor & Employment Law” as one of its Top 100 Legal Blogs. We’re very excited by the recognition. A big thank you to the hard-working editors at the Daily Reviewer. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep on doing what we’ve been doing and hopefully stay on your list. To everyone else, (more…)

I’m Baaaack (and with a Jury Verdict to report)

Sorry for the long hiatus, folks. But I do have an excuse: I was tied up doing a particularly grueling 3-week jury trial in federal court in Fresno, CA. I’m happy to say that the good guys won — a unanimous verdict on all counts: disability discrimination (mental disability) under the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA), failure to accommodate a disability, failure to engage in interactive process to find a reasonable accommodation, CFRA/FMLA medical leave interference, medical leave violation, medical leave retaliation, FEHA complaint retaliation, etc.


We’ve been named a Top 100 Employment Law Blog!

The good folks over at the "Delaware Employment Law Blog", which is itself a top-notch employment law blog published by the Delaware law firm of Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, have seen fit to include our blog in their roundup of the Top 100 Employment Law Blogs across the country . Of course, we’re thrilled by the honor. Right back at ya, mates! Make sure to check out their list and their blog when you get the chance.

Yours Truly Will Be MIA for 3 Weeks

Sorry folks but it looks like I won’t be posting here for a while. I’m about to head into 3 straight weeks of back-to-back depositions (lawyer-speak for witness interviews in a lawsuit). For the non-lawyers out there, that’s a LOT of depos. I’ll get back to posting as soon as the craziness lets up. Until then, may the employment gods smile upon you.

Thank You to Michael Fox of “Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer”

Michael Fox runs one of the oldest and most respected employment law blogs (blawgs?) in the business, "Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer" . He was blogging long before it became fashionable. I’ve been a regular reader of his blog and a fan.

Recently, Michael got nostalgic and posted this entry: "6 Years, 1800 Posts and How the World Has Changed" . Why (more…)

I’ll Be Taking A Brief Break from Posting

My work schedule for the next month is going to be very tight so posts may become more sporadic. I’ll let you all know as soon as I am able to get back to more regular posting. If you’ve got questions, feel free to click on the “Ask An Attorney” tab at the top and drop me a line. Thank you!

We’ve Been Named “Blawg of the Day”

Renowned legal website has been kind enough to name us as their Blawg of the Day. is an Internet legal research weekly which discusses legal blogs of note, legal news, etc. that is published by Tom Mighell. Thank you and a tip of the hat right back at ya!

A Selection of Interesting Articles from Legal Blogs Around the World

australia1.jpgPeter Black’s blog, Freedom to Differ, recently hosted a weekly editorial roundup of interesting articles from legal blogs around the world. Peter Black is a law lecturer at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. His blog focuses on happenings in the area of internet and media law.

I was honored to have two of my articles, this one and this one, selected for inclusion in the roundup. Thank you Mr. Black! After getting over the initial excitement, I took a moment to read some of the other posts that had been selected. I found this eye-opening post from a lawyer named Scott Greenfield who practices in New York:

“For those of us in the trenches, we see and hear a lot of things from the bench that make us cringe. From the “soft-core” improprieties of inappropriate temperament to covert bias, judges are untouchable. To grieve is to commit (more…)

Lofty Literacy Levels Leave Legions Lost

So my blog has scored a literacy level of “Junior High School”.

Would it surprise you if I told you I am doing my darnedest to make this blog as easy to read as possible? As a trial lawyer, my goal is to communicate. Communicate to the judge. Communicate to the jury. Communicate to opposing counsel. And communicate to you. What makes it especially hard is that the law is rarely straightforward.

Eugene Volokh, in addition to being a law professor at UCLA Law School, is also the veteran (more…)

3 – 2 – 1 Liftoff!

Welcome to, a website that discusses the latest legal news and tips for employees in the fast-changing area of California labor and employment law. Recent court decisions show that employee rights in California are under assault. Yet the public hardly knows or cares. seeks to change this and make a difference. If you’re an employee in California, read on and learn your rights!