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Harassment – Sexual, Racial, etc.

17 responses to “Sexual Harassment in California”

  1. really this harassment faced by many people but thanks for these law’s which always protect you from harassment and for those who are enduring this please talk to a lawyer to get rid of this harassment

  2. Loretta y says:

    I have a meeting on mondatly regarding this also they made me go home that night

  3. Loretta y says:

    Another employee put hands on me and i have lost days of work

  4. TTMELLX2 says:

    Have a temporary restraining order against another employee for harassment. Both of us work for company and I brought the emails and texts to the attention of the human resource dept. However, human resource has stated that due to the harassment happening after business hours they wash there hands of this behavior and it is not work related ! So since both are employees how is this even legal ???? Do I not have any employee rights ?

    • Barbara Elaine Leon says:

      You sure do, go over their heads and get to corporate. Alot of time I find that the bad behavior stops at the doors of the supervisors.So, go over their heads and keep pushing this.I had a situation where I was dating a coworker, in which neither of us left in bad resolve. But, he was terminated over something else trivial.Which to this day, I still feel it was my head boss that felt a streak of jealousy in the relations. Being he use to call me into his office and jokingly ask so “whats the deal between you and so and so.” In which , I told him about his escapades on company time to the local wattering hole for beer and makeout sessions with his wife now prior to working. And my private life is no ones business .So, I battled black mail with black mail right back. But you really need to follow up on that.

  5. Joey Constanza says:

    One of my friends works for a big name company here in Chicago. They have told me about a few times where they saw some co-workers sexually harassing another co-worker. I have always known not to dwell into other people’s business, but for this case should my friend intervene? I don’t want them to get in trouble for anything. Perhaps I should tell my friend to tell the co-worker about getting a sexual harassment lawyer.

  6. Sam Payn says:

    A very informative post there. I would like to add that employers
    conducting business in California working with 50 or more workers are
    supposed to conduct sexual harassment training for its employees. This
    2-hour-training should be imparted every two years to all supervisory
    employees (both old and new)

    • Kelly Marine Ball says:

      Hi Sam. What if a Manager was FIRED for sexual harassment ONE HOUR AFTER THEY COMPLETED THE 2 HOUR TRAINING COURSE? We have a wrongful termination situation on our hands. In addition, what are the consequences If other Managers have not taken the course in time as required by HR? Any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you!

  7. curious and depressed says:

    Here’s a question. Had a supervisor tell me to cooperate or my hours will be reduced. Cooperate means carry on in conversations and pictures via text. I have all the text messages showing my distress before harassment started and then the continuing harassment from then on as well as several witness willing to talk about hearing and seeing the harassment. What do I do?

  8. Mark Melgie says:

    @ dan – why would you want to put a picture of your wife in bikini in public? 

    Nope, however if there is a lewd acts against an employee by a person with moral authority against him/her and also it depends on the grab of the image.

  9. Before we start talking about how to deal with sexual harassment I think it’s important to define exactly what sexual harassment.

  10. Dan says:

    Is it still sexual harrassment to have a picture of your wife on your desk wearing a skimpy bathing suit?

  11. Thinking about having an attorney to protect you against this kind of situation is the greatest thing you can do to make yourself secured from harm.

  12. Janet says:

    IF someone excuses me of sexual harrasment don’t they need to tell me who it was so I can protect myself or at least try to recall an incident if there was one

  13. Indiana DUI says:

    Very interesting, we have similar laws in Indiana, however a few things are definitely different from CA law.

  14. we are getting there too, here is difficult to prove sexual harassment in the courts,nobody wants to be a witness!

    • Dublj says:

      Document EVERYTHING. I mean anything said, anything insinuated as having conditions, any unwanted touching, any discussions you have had with the person doing the alleged sexual harassment, any with their superiors. The best way to win a case of any kind is with a clear and accurate paper trail of what was done and what steps were taken to put an end to the unwanted actions. A witness is always better, but, too often they are fearful for their own jobs and/or retaliation. So, always write everything down as soon as possible and as accurately as possible. Be sure not to do it on company time, but do it, nonetheless.

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3 responses to “Bigotry Gets Subtle – Code Word Slurs in the Workplace”

  1. Duane Beach-Barrow says:

    There are several employees where I work tht are of Hispanic/Latino descent. They speak in Spanish ALL THE TIME amonst themselves and rarely speak English especilly around “Anglos”. I do not speak Spanish, but know a few words. A co-worker that is Hispanic/Latino/Mexican has referred to me twice directly as “Maracon” which I thought was “American”. I found out that it means FAGGOT (I am an openly Gay White Male). I have told my Supervisor and a Manager about the first incident. What can I do now?

  2. Thiago says:

    Well, a lot of that didn’t strike me as particularly subtle. Really just Miss Broussard’s case, and that of the interracial couples. I know a racial harassment lawyer in Chicago who would have torn that manager apart.

  3. lauren says:

    Even better when it comes from the city’s mayor – this guy called all Staten Island guys gumbas or something to that effect.

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5 responses to “And the Winner for Most Popular Discrimination Complaint in the US Is . . .”

  1. TookaStand says:

    As a state employee I’m currently targeted by not just my manager but 4 other managers who have deep financial, time, legal, and personnel resources provided by the tax payer that makes it so bad most employee’s won’t even attempt to stand up to the political appointees that really don’t care if my claim is sustained or not since the Governor will just appoint them to another post and the civil servant will go on being ostracized by the remaining managers and promotion hopeful coworkers. their motto “one retirement at a ttime”‘ im in AWOL for 1st time in 27years for a claim that I didmt report in which is a out and out lie. All is on my vocal”ckncern” about the appointees involvement with redurecting 126 million to local government interest that they previously had a vested interest and likely will again. my so called union is the current admins”puppets” that I’m forced to pay $90 a month to under an existing law written by those legislators that don’t correct the perception that the retirement benefits, job security and pay is all for the average rank& file but this just isn’t so. the blatant actions by the managers under the appointee are the worse I’ve witnessed in 25 years and with their current attacks against me. they might just get away with it because I’m becoming worn out trying to fight for the”people” when their elected officials are using the power of the office to push me out and away.

  2. Dfgodinez says:

    i just recently went back to work do to carpal tunnel surgery i had clock out a supervisor was at the door checking employes  to make sure there is no stealing going on i was the first one out she ask me to open my handbag as i stood out watching i was the only one she ask to see my handbag then a male supervisor walk out with his lunch box and she did not ask him to open it what can i do

    • DrTara Brasfield says:

      Dfgodinez, what U.S. state are you living in and what is your job title? Is this a constant and ongoing issue at your workplace? You only speak of one issue that really is not detailing whether or not this takes place daily or at least once every week. Are there other issues that take place as well and how many minorities could this be happening to versus non-minorities? You have to show that this could be happening consistently to you or to others who fall under the various types of minority workers or if this could be happening because of other reasons. One situation will not make this scenario a valid claim for harassment of any kind. Journal your day to day activities and how often certain people are targeted. This may help you determine what is truly going on.

  3. Tinat211 says:

    My husband works 4-10 monday – thursday.  three weeks ago his boss told him and another co-worker not to make any more plan for the next 3 month on friday and saturday because there mandatory over-time.  no vacation can be taken either.  but the last two friday and saturday the boss call of friday and saturday because he had plan.  there no written schedule, just a “you have to work today…oh wait i have plan no work today…. but yes work next friday and saturday..and if you (my husband and coworker) calls out they will be written up….

    Is the company allow to do this?

    • Tara says:

      Tinat211, what U.S. State are you living in? Your employer can “ask” or “request” for your husband to work on a particular day, but if your husband and his coworker are flexibly scheduled employee’s or hourly employee’s, there is no law that states they “have to” do it. Maybe your husband and his coworker, should start “journaling” what is taking place on a daily basis there in the workplace and try to research what the “motives” of his supervisor are. However, based on your scenario, it would be difficult to say.

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