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6 responses to “I’ve Lost My Job – How Do I Get Unemployment Benefits?”

  1. David Kiunke says:

    I received a layoff notice from boeing after working for 14 years with them. I am 73 and get a small social security payment, I am also retired from the federal government and get a retirement check, am I still eligible for UI.

  2. chris says:

    Jim – You can still file for unmployment but the amount you receive might be quite a bit less because you waited so long. You can go to

  3. Barbara Elaine Leon says:

    Careful of postal carriers, they get wind of you applying for EDD.And your mail will begin to show up past due for the claims to be processed. In which you have to reapply again . And fill out all back due claims. I know this on account this is what is happening to me right now. And in California The Edd office closes at noon. Don’t bother calling on weekends.

  4. jim cook says:

    i was laid off 6 months ago, can i still file?

  5. uncle speedy says:

    some one at work mentioned behavior reflecting unfavorably  on a business by an employee. what are the parameters of this.

  6. Eloisa Burlingame says:

    if I had to quit my job do to a settelment because of harassment and my civel right’s violated by my employer. After I resigned my doc. put me on disailty do to sever back pain and stress 18 monthes ago. Now I am ready to go back to work. Can I recieve unemployment and retraining program.

    Thank you,

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