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3 responses to “Los Angeles Courthouses Face Closure: Expect Big Delays”

  1. Indiana DUI says:

    Wow, that is pretty amazing, it’s frustrating that the economies are hurting so much that it even hurts our legal system which is a major foundation of our country.

  2. Wow, I am assuming this has already been done, that is tough. Arizona made a genius long term decision of selling the properties to leasing companies and paying rent to private enterprises to free up cash flow. EEEK

  3. Delaying justice is a huge problem, but with the population of our state, it’s an epidemic.

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7 responses to “Should Workers Be Paid for Answering Emails After Hours?”

  1. Cindy Gray says:

    can an employer require you to use your cell phone without compensation in the office because they have chosen not to have a land line?

    • Eugene Lee says:

      No. They are required by LC 2802 to reimburse you for work-related expenses. If you are required to use your cellphone for work, you must be reimbursed for it. If you decide to pursue a claim for LC 2802 violation, please note you are also entitled to seek attorney fees, which in most cases will dwarf the cellphone costs at issue.

  2. Ricaguzm says:

    So what were the results of these filings?

  3. Indiana DUI says:

    Hmmm interesting post. I think that employees should just be compensated salary for positions that require extra work above and beyond their hourly requirements, otherwise employees should avoid putting in that extra time.

  4. I understand where you are coming from on this one, however, this is something that should be determined in the original employment contract. I believe that if it is a performance or commission based job, this shouldn’t provide additional compensation, however, possibly if it is a standard wage position with no incremental improvements for higher productivity.

    • Eugene Lee says:

      However, the vast majority of employees do not have a signed employment contract with their employer. That is because California is an at-will employment state, meaning employers are free to fire employees for any reason or no reason at all (so long as there isn’t an ILLEGAL reason for the firing, such as discrimination, harassment or retaliation). This makes most employers understandably reluctant to enter into written agreements with their employees, as the contract could cause a loss of the at-will employment status. Another problem is the unequal negotiation leverage that most employers hold over their employees, especially in a weak economy where jobs remain scarce. If employees were made to shoulder excessive work-related expenses, it could in many cases result in the employee effectively receiving less than the minimum wage for their work — i.e., a circumvention of minimum wage laws. That is a whole ‘nother debate for another time. At any rate, the issue is far from simple.

  5. Postergal says:

    If the e-mails pertain to work then it must be paid.

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5 responses to “Google Offers Caselaw…for FREE”

  1. Cool deal, this will help a lot of people,.

  2. Postergal says:

    Another way of cost-free and effort saving research or information get way for legal enthusiasts.

  3. Google Scholar now offering free online case law…

    My favorite online source for free case law has been is also a very good source for federal material. And now we have Google Scholar. I tried searching for “In re Tobacco II Cases,” and it gave me……

  4. My Shingle says:

    Free Legal Research by Google & What It Means…

    What do I think about Google’s recent launch of a free, online legal research tool as part of Google Scholar (disclosure: my husband works for Google, but isn’t involved with the legal research project). Funny you should ask, because I’ve……

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14 responses to “Employers Are Now Screening Employee Facebook and MySpace Pages”

  1. Jerry Maguire says:

    This is why I don’t put private stuff in my social media.

  2. shele says:

    If I had an employer who requested my FB page I would delete it and create a new blank one and give it to him/her. If they want social networking for me I have a LinkedIn account for my professional social networking. My employer has no right to see photos of my family and friends and where they vacation or what they believe in, PERIOD!

  3. hey i found this post interesting and informative as well both for employees and employers.. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Lol i like the picture you added here .There are two things which must be remembered by everyone. First is to make the right usage of using social networks and second about sharing profile only to those whom you trust. When specially in a professional world, wrong intended massages,status,or updates could cause some serious problems.

  5. Toby says:

    I think it should be against the law for a company or bosses,upper managment to even look at your social network page.That time is your own your not clocked in at that time and it leads to the write to speach act.Which is protected by law.

  6. John Papers says:

    This is amazing list like the previous one..
    Thank you for sharing this helpful information..

  7. Mark says:

    That is a lesson hard learned for that young lady.

  8. Users Beware! Not a safe way to share private information, because it is no longer private!

  9. Information is no longer secret unless you keep it 100% to yourself.

  10. Derek says:


    OH man, that exterpt was awesome-
    I seriously don’t blame people for screening social networks for the kinds of people they are. But I think that the man who reacted to the article was a little unprofesional as well.

    I think screening to all extents is a great way to save time. Do a social network screen, a background check and any kind of check you can.

  11. Eugene Lee says:

    I agree that employee privacy rights are declining. Technology is definitely part of the issue – it takes times for laws to catch up to technology.

  12. Cal says:

    Interesting how the freedom of speech is being silenced, huh? We all have moments (must we air them); however, I question a “boss” who feels the need to hunt down employees and essentially perform internet stalking. To the boos- just grow up already and learn how to be a better communicator- if you aren’t approachable, how can your employees thrive? And the the employee- learn some discretion- the days of “Big Brother Watching” are upon us, make yourself beyond reproach and kvetch with your friends over a beer, not the internet.

  13. Jonny says:

    Yes I can understand why it would be stupid to rant like this girl has on her facebook page (if it’s not fake), but on the other hand

    Why is the ‘Boss’ so ticked off at the fact that, oh my gosh one my employers doesn’t think I’m that great. Maybe there could be a bit of a wake up call as to how bad an environment his workplace has obviously become, instead of firing her for calling him a “wanker”.

  14. Jane Susan says:

    Thanks for this information. I want to help job seekers to avoid this kind of matter.

    Thank You and Good Luck!

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2009 Federal Minimum Wage Increases to $7.25

On July 24, 2009, the federal minimum wage increased from $6.55 an hour to $7.25 an hour. According to NPR’s “Your Gains, Losses in Minimum Wage Hike”, the roughly 5 million wage earners who make less than $7.25 an hour will see an immediate benefit, as likely will another approximately 10.5 million wage earners above… Continue Reading

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7 responses to “Dept. of Labor Fails to Protect Workers: “We have a crisis in wage theft””

  1. Aljeratso says:

     Where can caregivers file their complaints In Los Angeles for not receiving their salaries on time from the home care agencies they work with? There are home care agencies that issue checks that bounce. These are done repeatedly by these heartless home care agencies but most caregivers don’t even complain. The caregivers had already done their services for the whole month and only frustrated to find that their checks issued to them cannot be encashed because they don’t have any deposit at all. And I don’t understand why banks tolerate this kind of transaction? When asked, home care agency owners reason out that they couldn’t collect any payments from clients. Is this a valid reason?

  2. sean g says:

    what should i do if my manager tells i need to give my life to the company? What should i do if my manager tells me i need to travel out of state to train other although its not part of my hiring package and if i have a phobia of flying

  3. California employees must make themselves aware of what is going on around them for their own protection. In a funky economy, a lot of employers have really been pushing the envelope lately.

  4. Ann Le says:

    In addition to penalizing crooked employers, employees should have the opportunity to be strongly educated about labor laws in order to take a stand for themselves. Many corrupt employers get away with wage theft because employees aren’t aware of it and let it happen. Perhaps the Dept. of Labor should start enforcing all employers to provide Labor Law information programs/seminars within companies for all employees…? SOMEthing must be done…

  5. I agree with Crime Agency.


  6. Victim Worker says:

    Talking about it is easy, but wait until you see DLSE and US Labor Dept to take action to enforce labor laws in order to protect worker is different thing. Watch for their action than word.

  7. Crime Agency says:

    Any person should be paid for the
    overtime he works for
    and not try to cheat him from paying him
    i agree and legal action has to be taken by the labor department

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2 responses to ““Change” is Coming to the Federal Courts – Obama-style”

  1. Ramesh says:

    Thanks for your valuable information.

    It was really of use to me.

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‘Desk Rage’ on the Rise

If you thought ‘road rage’ was a problem, make way for ‘desk rage’. According to this Reuters report, "Desk rage spoils workplace for many Americans" , anger in the workplace is on the rise. And it isn’t just about ‘going postal’. The article contains some startling statistics – of the workers who responded to research… Continue Reading

7 responses to “‘Desk Rage’ on the Rise”

  1. this is increasing too. Not just an anomaly.

  2. lauren says:

    Wow. it took more than 2 minutes for someone to even consider stopping him. I wonder what happened.

  3. Great blog, subscribed to your rss feed. Thanks.

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Respected Judge Posts Sex Images Online

As you may know, California falls within the jurisdiction of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the chief judge of that court is one Alex Kozinski. A brilliant jurist, he was first appointed to the Court by Reagan at the tender age of 35, making him the youngest federal appeals Continue Reading

3 responses to “Respected Judge Posts Sex Images Online”

  1. Wow, that is terrible. Just when you think you can’t be surprised to a new level any more, this happens.

  2. I think this post is right on “target”.

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