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The McDonalds Coffee Cup Case

Are there too many lawsuits in the US? Are there too many plaintiffs who are just trying to game the system and hit the judicial jackpot? Are there too many frivolous lawsuits like the McDonald’s coffee cup lady weighing down the economy? If you’re like most people, you probably answered yes. But as usual, the… Continue Reading

4 responses to “The McDonalds Coffee Cup Case”

  1. Eugene Lee says:


    You are entirely correct, mea culpa. I’ve made the clarification you suggest. Thanks for pointing out my error.



  2. Jeanne says:

    Water starts to boil at 186°F in high altitudes, and 212°F at sea level. I’m unsure if this incident took place overseas, in the great lands of celsius measurement; But for the sake of accuracy, a simple clarification might make your article more credible.

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