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  • David

    I just have a question, When I first started my job as a tow truck driver we had an in-line water cooler but it was always getting contaminated, so they took it out and started supplying us with bottles of water. Is it legal for an employer to charge the employees for drinking water?

  • Russell Fulkerson

    I was resently fired, and I have questions on drive time for my company to see if I am owed money, and what do I do if the acusations agenst me are false and and I see so many employes (most) doing what I have been acused of and nothing is done to them? What do I do if I know the boss knows people are doing drugs and are telling them when a ramdom drug test is comping up and he tells them to “STUDY” for it?
    I need desperate help please reply with info or were or whom I can get the info I need.
    Thank you
    Russell Fulkerson