Final Paychecks – When Are They Due? (2024)

Paycheck Una pregunta que escucho mucho es: “Acabo de dejar mi trabajo, ¿cuándo se supone que mi empleador me pagará mi último cheque de pago?” La respuesta es, depende.

Si lo despidieron o lo despidieron

Si el empleador terminó su empleo (lo despidió, lo despidió, eliminó su puesto, etc.), debe tener su cheque de pago final listo para usted el Tu último día de trabajo.

Si renuncias – sin previo aviso

Si terminó su empleo (renunció o renunció) sin previo aviso, entonces el empleador debe tener el cheque listo para usted dentro de las 72 horas DESPUÉS de su último día de trabajo.

Si renuncias – con previo aviso

Pero si renuncia Y si avisó a su empleador con al menos 3 días de anticipación cuándo será su último día de trabajo, entonces el empleador debe tener su cheque de pago final listo para usted en su último día.

Algunas cosas adicionales a tener en cuenta sobre los cheques de pago finales

  1. El cheque de pago final debe incluir el pago de todas las horas que haya trabajado, incluidas las horas extras y el tiempo doble. También debe incluir el pago de las horas de vacaciones o PTO no utilizadas. Tenga en cuenta que NO tiene derecho a que le paguen las horas de enfermedad remuneradas no utilizadas a menos que las políticas o acuerdos del empleador con usted indiquen lo contrario.
  2. El empleador no puede obligarlo a esperar hasta el próximo día de pago para entregarle su último cheque.
  3. El empleador no puede imponer ningún compromiso a su último cheque. Por ejemplo, el empleador no puede retener su cheque a menos que usted acepte firmar un montón de papeles, o a menos que primero entregue sus llaves y su uniforme, o a menos que pague el préstamo que le dieron, o a menos que pague por los daños que le hizo al vehículo de la empresa, o a menos que hable primero con los abogados de la empresa, etc.
  4. Si le pide al empleador que le envíe por correo el último cheque de pago a su domicilio, el empleador debe cumplir. No pueden obligarte a venir a la oficina a recoger tu cheque final si no quieres.

Si su empleador no le entrega a tiempo su último cheque de pago

Si tu empleador no cumple con lo anterior, entonces es el gancho para pagarte una penalización por cada día que no te pague la totalidad de tu salario final, hasta un máximo de 30 días de tu salario promedio diario. Ver Código Laboral de California Sección 201 y Sección 203. Para la mayoría de las personas, ¡eso termina siendo 1,5 meses de salario! El empleador tiene ciertas defensas legales contra estas sanciones, pero son limitadas y pueden ser difíciles de establecer.

Sobre todo, tenga en cuenta que su cheque de pago final tiene un estatus especial según la ley. Si su empleador no le ha entregado su último cheque de pago a tiempo, considere presentar una denuncia ante la junta laboral. Además, considere hablar las cosas con un abogado ya que podría haber más sanciones que se apliquen a su situación.

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  1. Makayla r en mayo 8, 2022 en 12:16 pm

    I have my employer notice on a Monday and told them I could not work the next day Bc I need to start my new job. He ignored my text and has not payed me after 72hrs. 5 days go by and I text him asking for my check this is a Sunday. He says he didn’t know I quit which I clearly did over text and I contacted our team leader as well who informed me that he found out through my boss. So he clearly knew. He is telling me that he will put my check in on that next Friday and wait for it to go into my acct. I told him that’s almost two weeks since I left and I’m owed it by 72 hrs. Now He is telling me I can pick up my check that week on Tuesday so it will now be a week. I informed him that I live three hours away and and asked him if he can direct deposit it. Also he will not be paying me any penalty’s for the late payment. What do I do! Am I owed anything and what r my rights

  2. Callie jones en marzo 15, 2022 en 9:10 pm

    If I was fired and did not receive my check in the mail for a week and they owed me more money so I called HR and they mailed me another check can I sue them since they didn’t give it to me right away I had to wait a week and a half and two weeks. Also they are mandated by the state to covid test all staff members twice a week for Covid-19’ and I have records proving they only tested me 12 times total out of 50 times they were supposed to test me but said they were busy or forgot it’s ok not to worry.. also I was told I would be fired immediately if I ever asked another employee their pay rate. They told me I was never allowed to take my breaks because I had to watch all of the clients and I could never leave or ever clock out for lunch. I worked for that company 8 1/2 months and was fulltime $20 an hour with regular 40 hour week plus I always worked overtime so my weekly hours often were 80 – 100 hours. I reported to my supervisor that another staff member pushed my face and was laughing about it and I asked them to keep their hands to themselves and not to touch me again and to please keep their 6 feet social distance away from me and they pushed my face again laughing . My boss did nothing and that person is still working there. Can I sue this company???

    • Maricela en marzo 19, 2022 en 9:20 pm

      Absolutely, you can! You can even press charges, putting hands on someone else, even a shove is considered assault and battery. It also seems they are contributing to a hostile work environment which under state law , you have a right to a hostile-free environment. My question is .. did this happen due to you asking about someone else’s pay rate or??? Because if so, that’s totally retaliation which is also another penalty on them. As far as your pay you were supposed to pay you your money including PTO the time of dismissal, unless you requested for them to mail your check and then by law they owe you $20/hr X 8/hr a day times (X) how ever many days it took untill you received your FULL payout, so .. until the day you received your second check. You’ll get reimbursed for all those days! File a complaint with the your states labor of law website. It’s easy to submit and once it’s reviewed they will schedule a hearing over the phone or however you happen to choose and 100% you will get reimbursed. This has happened to me , twice! And maybe a third time! (I’m waiting on a paycheck right now!) And actually, I did not even attend the hearing over the phone at all and they still paid out, so I don’t know if it is required to be at hearing but you should definitely file that complaint and absolutely submit another for the harassment, battery, the hostile work environment, and retaliation. You might be able to get them for negligence of some sort because if by law they are mandated to have to test you I’m sure there were violations made.

      Do not at all feel discouraged or afraid to speak up, you should talk to a lawyer and see what the best moves would be for you. Good luck.


  3. Samuel en febrero 8, 2022 en 2:23 am

    I let my employer know that this past Saturday was going to be my last day and still no check. What can I do?

  4. Jessica en enero 13, 2022 en 8:33 am

    I worked for a company about a year and when I gave my two weeks notice they decided to let me go before the time I had given them. When they did they had given me half my final paycheck and then they mailed me the other half. They never told me they were going to mail me anything. They are supposed to give you the full amount upon leaving correct?

    • Chelsea en marzo 24, 2022 en 5:43 pm

      hey Jessica, I’m dealing with this now. did you ever get it resolved?

  5. Susan en noviembre 22, 2021 en 7:54 am

    I worked for two days and realized that it was not the job I expected and informed owners via email I was resigning before training progressed further. Should I have been paid for those 2 days? I have not received anything. If so, do I have any recourse?

  6. Liz en noviembre 15, 2021 en 5:16 pm

    I cut a final check on Friday for an employee. We let him know that he needs to come pick it up. He never came. Do we mail it? And do we now owe him more for failure to pay on the day he was let go even thought it was ready for him?

    • Bonie Brow en abril 21, 2022 en 9:36 pm

      I quick my job and I got my final payed within 4 days after, but I am missing worked hours of work. I talked to HR and they told me to call corporate HR. I did called them, they told me that they are going to fix it, but it’s been 4 days since the last call and no one has replied to my emails, texts or phone call since then. Where and how can I report this to the department of labor. I don’t to cause problems I just want to get pay for my hours of work.

  7. Eve en noviembre 3, 2021 en 8:43 am

    My last day for my former employer was on October 4th, 2021. I quit on October 5th due to finding a job with a better opportunity. I received my last paycheck from My former employer on October 8th, 2021 only containing the amount paid from my benefits vacation, option day, etc. They never included the amount of hours I worked on October 4th, 2021. I let a week or so pass thinking I will get my paycheck deposited to my account. Which this was not the case. I contacted HR and was told by a recording to contact my immediate management for them to put in an inquiry to time and labor. On October 18th I contacted my then Supervisor through text message regarding this issue. She replied she will make an inquiry on it. I haven’t heard back from them. November 1st 2021 I called HR once again and they said they will email the supervisor to send me an update. I need advice on what I should at this point please. Thank you.

    • Angela en noviembre 15, 2021 en 11:16 am

      They owe you money for every day they haven’t paid you yet. I would definitely try to get help from a legal professional to get your money.

      • Fernando Lopez en diciembre 10, 2021 en 10:51 pm

        What i can do if my boss doesn’t want to pay me he pay cash and he don’t tracking the hours like usually they do with time cards or something like that he owed me 6,500 for my hours and a lot more money for last time I call to labor commission and they said they can’t do anything because he don’t pay by check I don’t know what to do and get my money back thank you

  8. Mike en octubre 16, 2021 en 10:31 pm


    I gave a 30 day notice of my resignation to my employer. On my final paycheck they only paid me my final pay check but didn’t pay me my remaining vacation hours totaling 161hrs. They said it got missed and they will pay me on off week pay. My final day was Oct. 15th off week pay would be the following Friday. Is the employer required to pay me additional vacation hours that accrual during the days that take them to pay me the remaining vacation hours they owe me?


  9. Lisa en octubre 1, 2021 en 4:19 pm

    If I gave 30 days notice and my company has not yet given me my final check that was due on the 30th/my final day, do weekend days count as penalty days as well? Also are then entitled to pay you for coming in to get the check?

  10. Irene en septiembre 29, 2021 en 9:54 am

    I was extended an offer for work as a salaried exempt manager with annual pay of 95K. The letter stated my start day of 09.08 and received email with time and same date too. I arrived on
    09.08 and was told no one is here and we don’t know what to do. Yes, I was perplexed to say the least this was very unprofessional to say the least. So I reached out to the Senior VP of HR/Recruiting via cell and was given “oh I’m so sorry maybe you can just come back again tomorrow”. So I left still very puzzled, days later resigned. Now the company did not pay me for 09.08 the day I showed up, nor accrued vac or even provided a pay stub for monies sent direct deposit ( I did not give my consent for) . Do they owe me for 09.08 as stated in offer letter? What are the reasons not providing a check stub on final pay?

  11. Shirley en septiembre 27, 2021 en 4:12 pm


    • Harmony Dunbarr en diciembre 29, 2021 en 3:24 pm

      I gave my notice two week notice to quit. During this period I missed a couple of days due a family emergency. Today I got some horrible news about my best friend and am waiting to hear back. He’s in surgery. I called my work to call off and they told me not to come back to work as I had already gave notice. Can they legally do that? I had scheduled days to the end of my notice. Does qualify for the waiting time penalty fee in the state of California?

  12. Mike en septiembre 22, 2021 en 6:14 am

    I work for the county of Fresno, I put in my two weeks notice and was told on my final day I’ll get my regular paycheck and two weeks later I’ll get my final with vacation time paid out.

  13. Laura Campi en septiembre 8, 2021 en 6:45 pm

    I gave two weeks notice, received my final paycheck on my last day, then a week later on regular pay day the company direct deposited the same funds from my final check into my bank account, so I was double paid. I reached out to let them know of the error and they asked me to write them a check for the total because it was too late to reverse the funds paid to me. Is that correct? Should I write a check for the pre tax or post tax amount? What about my 401k?

    • Kimberly en noviembre 17, 2021 en 7:13 pm

      I was let go today, they lumped my semi-monthly, vacation accrual and 32 hrs all on one check. Shouldn’t be broken out, one check for my regular pay period and the final with vacation and remainning hrs owed? Or is the one check approved?

  14. Traci Kohler en septiembre 4, 2021 en 6:37 pm

    my daughter didn’t go to work for three days, I know not smart, was technically off on saturday, then went to her scheduled shift on Sunday. When she got there she clocked in and went to her check stand (she was on the new weeks schedule … her brother works there too so he sent it to her). She was called into the managers office 5 minutes later by the asst manager and was informed that that she was terminated, that the manger had already filed all the paperwork and it was out of his hands and she needed to leave. She got no paperwork, not final check, no anything.

    On weds, Sept 1st she got her direct deposit (as usual.. it was pay day). Today she got a letter dated Sept 1st saying she was terminated for Job Abandonment citing the 3 days she didn’t call out of work. However she did show up to work between then and Sept 1st and she was on the work schedule so do they owe her penalties for the 3 days between the time she was informed of termination and the time they paid her? She has also never been given a final pay stub so she isn’t even sure if they paid her for all the vacation time she is owed (she worked full time for about a year and a half).

    they called her once on Aug 25th to find out where she was, once on Aug 26th, and didn’t even contact her on the 27th. She was off on the 28th. Came to her shift on the 29th (she was late but did arrive). she was scheduled to work the 29th, 30th, 1st and 3rd that week (38 hrs) so no indication she was terminated. The schedule was posted on Thursday the 26th … but it is not uncommon that they pull the schedule down and change it after posting it when an employee leaves etc.

    I am familiar with job abandonment but she was told she was terminated on Sunday the 29th which in my mind means they owed her a final check. They never sent a certified letter, reached out to see if she was ok to our familiy (we live 2 blocks from the store and everyone there knows me and several employees have my cell number)

    Oh and my daughter was attacked by a stranger several months ago in the store. The former store manager, now on some sort of leave, waited 24 hrs to call the police, the corporate head of security said he would follow up with her as they suspected two employees were involved (dating), one never returned from vacation.. she quit, her boyfriend is still there. The New interim Manager is corporate guy who is clearly towing the “corporate line” and I am now concerned he is targeting my son now as my son has said he has been “talked to” for several very minor errors.

    • Sara Treece en abril 10, 2022 en 10:56 am

      If they tried contacting your daughter on the 25 and 26th because she failed to show up or call in to work…why would they bother calling on the 27th? It is her responsibility to inform her employer she is not coming in. Does sound like job abandonment

  15. Gina Phelan en septiembre 1, 2021 en 2:06 pm

    Are the rules different for temporary employees like interns who have a defined duration of employment on their offer letters? Do we need to give them a separation letter and pay them on their last day of employment (instead of allowing the last paycheck to be direct deposited through regular payroll (a week later than their last day)?

  16. Alex en agosto 14, 2021 en 6:33 pm

    Hello, my last day is tomorrow (8/15/21), however, I already received my last pay check, and it doesn’t seem to have any tips of the last week I worked. I work in a restaurant as a food runner and receive my tips in the pay check. The pay period isn’t over for another week, and that’s when the tips are calculated. Am I still entitled to these tips for the past week and on my last day? I gave them a full 2 weeks notice as well. Please advise.

  17. Bria en julio 29, 2021 en 8:42 am

    I was suddenly terminated on Tuesday, July 27th. At the time of my termination, the company owed me a final paycheck, as well as submitted expenses from purchases on the company’s behalf. Today, July 29th, I received a direct deposit of what may be my final paycheck, but not for reimbursement of expenses. Are they required to pay everything at the time of my termination? Since they are a Texas-based company and I live in California, which laws apply?

  18. Gail C en julio 12, 2021 en 4:51 pm

    I started a job that gets tips and with in a month i realized the tips were not correct on my pay check so I gave a two weeks notice and was taken off the schedule immediately. When can I expect to recieve my final pay check?

  19. Tre en julio 5, 2021 en 2:39 pm

    I was terminated on the 26th of June. I asked for my check on the spot. The manager gave some excuse about my hours needing to be factored in or something so it would be to me by the 1st of July. It didn’t come. I reached out to HR PAYROLL and they found that the check had arrived at the job location that morning and informed me that it was being UPSd that day. I asked for tracking information and got nothing. Tomorrow makes day 10. I received an email with tracking this hour. The manager said “we received the check on Thursday. UPS didn’t pickup Friday or today due to the holiday, so it won’t leave the store until tomorrow. ” Am I entitled to receive penalty pay for this entire time? Or is the holiday a well played cop out?

  20. Gus en junio 29, 2021 en 5:00 pm

    I was fired from my last job after 10 weeks, I believe it is also a discrimination case but that’s another issue. I was called into the supervisors office and told as soon as you turn in your keys and phone they will have your check for you. He did not have the check. After about a week I called a person I knew in benefits, to find out if my health insurance was good until the end of the month, she told that I still listed as an active employee. I called payroll to find out when I could expect my final check. They said they had not received any information but it would go out at the next pat cycle. Now it is 20 days since I was terminated, and no check. I went to pickup copies of my paystubs, the payroll person got them for me , but no check. They even have in their policy that your final check will be mailed to you in the next pay cycle, that is against California state law. How are they getting away with this?

    • Eugene Lee en julio 3, 2021 en 2:59 pm

      There are always exceptions to the rule, however, it does appear that your employer is violating California’s law on final paychecks. You should consider filing a wage complaint.

  21. Elizabeth en junio 28, 2021 en 8:20 pm

    Hello Monica, I recently left my job,giving and fulfilling the two weeks notice. I’ve called and they are unsure how I will receive my last check,it has been over 72 hours. The advised it “should” be in my direct deposit come time we normally get paid which is a week from the time I resigned to the time I would normally get paid. Please advise.

    • Eugene Lee en julio 3, 2021 en 3:01 pm

      There are limited exceptions to the final paycheck rule. For instance, staffing and temp agencies are permitted by law to issue final paycheck on the next normal payday. However, outside of these exceptions, it does sound like your employer is violating the final paycheck law. You should consider filing a wage complaint.

    • Brandon en septiembre 3, 2021 en 3:46 am

      I was forced involuntary resignation (neither quit nor fired) from my job 08/31/2021 and have direct deposit pay day was 09/02/2021 and I haven’t received my check, I’ve tried reaching out to my employer but have refused to answer me back!

  22. Amanda MacIntire en junio 17, 2021 en 2:08 pm

    I reside in California and held a remote/work at home position with an employer based in Florida and was fired. The pay I have received so far was paid according to the regular payday schedule, but they still owe me for two days plus accrued PTO. Do the laws regarding final pay apply to work at home employees the same as on-site workers?

    • Monica R en junio 26, 2021 en 10:02 pm

      Hi Amanda! Same final check rules of California apply to work at home employees. If you were terminated by your employer, the final check was due on the same day of termination – including all hours worked and all accrued and unused PTOs / vacation time, therefore, making you wait until the next regular pay date violates the law.

  23. Cesar Villagomez en junio 2, 2021 en 4:59 pm

    My employer has sent me my check however did I did not receive it. They have a FedEx receipt claiming it was delivered the day after my final day (I gave a two weeks notice). It has been a week since my resignation and I’m currently talking to HR. What can I do in this situation and what legal defense does the employer have?

    • Diego Ramirez en junio 8, 2021 en 7:36 pm

      He can you tell me if you have a solution for it please this litterly happened to me and.

    • Monica R en junio 26, 2021 en 10:05 pm

      You can ask HR to put a stop payment to that check and to pay you instead via direct deposit. Since you gave more than 72-hours of notice of resignation, you should have received your final check on your last day of work. You company is in direct violation of the final check laws if they only mailed out your check the day after your last day of work.

  24. PS en mayo 19, 2021 en 11:58 am

    I am in a sales role where commission is paid out 90+ days after a contract is signed, even though the contract starts immediately once it is signed. If I give notice (they will most likely not have me carry out the notice period), will they owe me for the commission that has been made up until my notice date even though it wouldn’t have been paid out for another 60-90 days?

    • Monica R en junio 26, 2021 en 10:09 pm

      If you have already earned the commission, I believe you have a claim for payment upon termination of your employment as this is considered earned wages. Payment schedule set by the company does not mean you have not already earned the commission.

  25. David en mayo 14, 2021 en 1:03 pm

    Hello–Recently, I left my job after giving three weeks of notice. They gave me my final paycheck four days after my last day. So, they understand they made a mistake and are willing to the late penalty of four days.

    My former employer deducted my 401(k) contribution from my final paycheck but did not transfer it to my 401(k) account until the tenth day after I resigned.

    So, how much should the penalty be, four days or ten days?

  26. Yehleen Habitan en abril 19, 2021 en 12:56 am

    My manager texted me on January 26, 2021, at 3:01 pm. He wants me to go to the 3rd-floor corner office next to the Director’s office? He wants to meet with me real quick. When I got to the 3rd floor, I saw another person, and I don’t know who she was. He told me that she’s his partner for what he’s going to say to me. He hands me a letter from the COO stating that my position will permanently eliminate due to a financial crisis and they won’t fill in that position, but after a week since the day I left, they did fill the position. They offered me a job position affiliated with the company that is not related to what I am currently doing. I refused the offer, and I consistently called my recruiter and HR.

    Do I have a case to file a lawsuit against my former employer?

    • Monica R en junio 26, 2021 en 10:15 pm

      Depends on what is stated on your employment contract. California is an “at-will” state and generally speaking, an employer has the legal right to lay off an employee when financial times get tough, and then back fill that position as needed. If your employment contract does not have an at-will clause, then you may have a claim.

  27. David en febrero 1, 2021 en 6:21 pm

    Hired on “salary” paid via salary every check, until
    My last check, which was switched to hourly, and shorted hours. First two weeks of pay were held, then when I resigned, pay check was paid at the “original” pay rate, not my current rate.

    • David en febrero 1, 2021 en 6:22 pm

      Did not get paid until next pay period as well, nearly 6 days.

  28. Linda C en febrero 1, 2021 en 9:16 am

    Division was laid off in Nov 2020. Didn’t get final paycheck until companies next pay period, informed them that I should have received on the last day of employment not 10 days later. They paid waiting time penalty for that but did not pay 4th quarter bonus until Jan 2021 and I have yet to receive my annual bonus for work completed (except Dec), they claim “the plan” doesn’t pay out until March 2021. Do they still owe me for waiting period penalties on my two bonus?

    • Monica R en junio 26, 2021 en 10:21 pm

      Commissions and bonuses are earned wages and typically must be paid to employees upon termination. Unless there is a forfeiture provision that requires employees to be currently employed to receive the commission/bonus, you must be paid all your commission at the time of termination as part of your earned wages.

  29. Michelle en enero 6, 2021 en 6:31 pm

    I gave notice on 12/22/2020 have email proof that My last day would be 12/30/2020.
    I didnt receive my check until 1/6/2021 in an overnight envelope dated that jt was sent from my employer on 1/5/2021. The check is back dated ro the date of 12/30/2020.

    My understanding is I am eligible for penalty pay as my check wasn’t sent or received until a week after my final day (which I gave two weeks notice prior)

  30. Chris c en enero 4, 2021 en 7:39 pm

    Hi my final paycheck was supposed to be fedexed to me and fedex has delayed it 3 times. Delaying longer than 72 hours since it seems like this is fedex’s fault would this relieve any liability’s to the employer or are they liable for not sending my paycheck on time. Since COVID the only option they have is to mail me my final check.

    • Monica R en junio 26, 2021 en 10:25 pm

      Postage delays do not relieve an employer their obligation to ensure final check is received on time by the employee. Employers have other options to deliver the funds on time such as direct deposit or a pay card.

    • Tre en julio 5, 2021 en 2:44 pm

      Thank you for asking this. My situation is different but key factors are there!!!!

  31. fewa en diciembre 11, 2020 en 7:01 pm

    I work in CA, my employer is in NY, I was laid off recently. Received final paycheck 7 days after termination, 11 days later received check for unused vacation. I am still owed 2 different bonus checks. Do they owe me 18 days waiting time penalties? My employer acknowledges that they owe me “waiting time penalties” but disagrees with my assumption that I am owed 18 days, they claim: one does not receive one penalty for late payment of wages and another penalty for late payment of unused vacation. Is that accurate?

    • Monica R en junio 26, 2021 en 10:32 pm

      The employer owes you waiting time penalty for every day that your full and final check remains unpaid (including unused vacation time and bonuses and commission earned, barring any forfeiture provisions requiring that you are an active employee to receive payment). For example, if your last day of work was June 1 and then you received your final check for all hours worked on June 8, then another check on June 19 for unused vacation, you are owed waiting time penalties for 18 DAYS which correspond to the number of days your full and final check was not made available to you.

  32. Frustrated Seasonal en diciembre 4, 2020 en 8:35 am

    I gave my notice that 11/29 was my last day of work. This company has not contacted by phone, mail or otherwise and I am owed a final check. What is my next course of action? I have reached out with no response?

  33. A en noviembre 22, 2020 en 3:58 am

    I was laid off 11/18/2020 and was provided with two paystubs. One for the week ending on 11/13/20 and one for 11/20/20….

    Both paystubs have the same check# but different payday timelines.

    I received one payment with direct deposit for one week and nothing for the second week, although they sent me the paystub saying it was paid on 11/18/2020 with direct deposit but I wasn’t paid anything. It’s now 11/22/20 and still no payment.

    I’m afraid to even reach out to them with any questions.

    My employer forbidden me to contact them or any employee and even went as far as saying that I had to be mindful of the company NDA signed agreement and to be careful.

    What should I do?

    Is this considered willfully do they have to pay me for the days that I have been waiting?


  34. Malon Bruce en octubre 7, 2020 en 8:55 am

    I am the HR person at our church and our Secretary resigned to care for her mother and then said she would stay on to train the new secretary. She said that she would be back and work as an assistant to the secretary after caring for her mom. So we kept her active on payroll.

    She decided to not come back to the area and so we decided to deactivate her in our payroll system and send her the vacation and sick time that had accumulated.

    My question is, when were we required to do that? What is the time frame to give her the final check in a situation where we weren’t sure when or if she was coming back

  35. Jane en septiembre 14, 2020 en 2:53 pm

    I was laid off and my final day of work was last Monday. Should I have been compensated already for the time worked and also paid out for my unused vacation?

  36. Amanda en julio 7, 2020 en 7:19 am

    Hello, I originally gave a two week notice, but it was cut short by two days due to some issues with management. I advised on Tuesday i would not be returning the next week, but there was a holiday in between (Friday, in observance of 4th of July). It is now Tuesday, and no one has spoken to me about receiving my last check. Is it 72 business hours they legally have? Or just 72 hours from my last day?

    • Elysia Long en agosto 31, 2020 en 8:24 am

      72 clock hours from the time you gave notice.

  37. Elizabeth Perez en junio 20, 2020 en 1:40 pm

    Hi, i was suspended from work on 6/8/20 up until they terminated me on 6/15/20. Then I was given 2 additional checks, #1 was for the day 6/15/20(which i didnt work) and #2 was “back pay”(per HR) because My Boss owed me a review on my aniversary date 11/2019(which she never did) & it was a raise of .84 cents.($18.54) Check came out to $454.00. I worked various shifts and get a differential of $2.00 when i work graveyard. Does this seem right?
    Does that sound right?

    • Briseida en junio 25, 2020 en 10:48 am

      So I quit my job without notice yesterday at 1:28pm and today I was messaged my them asking for my address and I told them I didn’t want my check mailed I wanted to pick it up and she said no that they were going to mail it and we went back and forth and I told her that I had the right to pick it up and I was the only one that could say u wanted it mailed. Then after she replies and says that she was just made it aware that it was already mailed and I was never made aware of this. Is this against the law? What do I do?

      • Sniff My Cheeks en julio 25, 2020 en 6:53 pm

        Bitch, shut up and stop looking for a lawsuit. Stop your whining over a ‘bottom of the barrel cesspool job.’ A common idea would be to go to college – achieving your GED is a honorable start – but shut the fuck up! The way you educate your mind is the exact same way commoners treat you. Oh, commoners are daily folks….I am a disabled student with more collegiate accomplishments than you would imagine. What you currently have going on is your reward for ignorance….Shit pie now eat it but don’t let me smell your breath.

        • Malia en agosto 7, 2020 en 7:20 am

          Sniff my checks – Hahaha wth is your problem?! Why are you getting all crazy with her? Check yo damn self 🙄

          • Tina en agosto 8, 2020 en 8:07 am

            Like literally who has time to be that mad on a public question forum

          • Tre en julio 5, 2021 en 2:53 pm


            Sniff Cheeks : 🧏🙆🏾🤯

        • Mar en agosto 8, 2020 en 11:38 am

          This person was obviously sew,d for all his
          Money LMAO explains why he’s so fucking but hurt, i bet your wife left you now that your moneyless and down on your dick

          • lauri Jo hernandez en julio 6, 2021 en 1:20 am

            FYI butt is spelled with 2 t’s. and it’s sued not sewd. Learn how to spell if your going to reply publicly idiot!

        • You’re sick en septiembre 27, 2020 en 5:45 am

          This is a disabled persons complex for sure

  38. Michelle en marzo 18, 2020 en 8:04 pm

    I work for an employer. After hiring me, they added and additional sister company to my duties but did not adjust my compensation, nor add to my duties in my employee file. Am I due any hourly pay in addition to my current salary?

    • George en marzo 20, 2020 en 10:18 am

      What if work slows down and i can’t pay my rent

      • Eugene Lee en marzo 20, 2020 en 11:25 am

        Depending on where you are in California, there may be a moratorium on all evictions. See this link: Newsom did not issue a statewide eviction ban.

      • Marina L en abril 4, 2020 en 10:25 am

        I was terminated on March 30th over the phone because headquarters are in a different location. I was only employed for one month. I was told the check would be mailed out to me. It’s April 4th now and I still haven’t recieved a check. If I receive the check does it have to be dated the day I was terminated in order for it to not be late?

        • Minh M en junio 8, 2020 en 9:31 am

          They usually base it off the postmarked date (which should be 3/30/2020). People cannot control the speed of the USPS or other carriers.

    • venice gamble en abril 30, 2020 en 6:38 am

      Hi Michelle,

      Unfortunately there is no legal statute that required an employer to pay you more for additional duties and responsibilities that they add (that is in addition to what your initial duties were upon hire). My suggestion would be to show your employer you have excelled in the added responsibility and after 6-months to a year, ask for a performance review and therefore a raise… good luck.

    • Sara en abril 15, 2021 en 6:27 am

      I had the exact same thing occur and am not sure if they even comped me what they were supposed too. It boils down to backing up what you have in writing and what the sister company has on you as well. I would call the sister company, ask HR for a copy of your specific negotiation agreement by your primary company regarding your wages or what the other company proposed to the sister company as your rate of pay. Good luck.

  39. J en marzo 18, 2020 en 7:58 pm

    My employer put me on administrative leave for requesting travel reimbursement for a hotel. I used my reward points to pay for the hotel. The company had no policy referencing reward points for credit cards or third party hotel bookings. That is the last I have heard from my employer. I was not paid my weekly hours. What method of delivery can an employer terminate an employee on administrative leave? I did not receive any US mail or certified letter attempted deliveries. Does third party overnight mail count as good faith delivery even if never delivered or delivered late (over a week) if the employer can easily track the undelivered status?

  40. JR en febrero 20, 2020 en 8:16 am

    All of these articles seem to encourage people to sue everyone. What is wrong with this site and state?
    I came on here, as an employer, to look up current rules and make sure I’m in compliance.
    Virtually every article seems to remind the employee just how much they stand to gain should they decide to sue or complain. Not once does there seem to be a common sense approach like talking to the company, asking if you can have more breaks, etc. It is only look at how much money you can make by not saying anything then, suing.

    • Takethisjobandshoveit en abril 13, 2020 en 2:09 pm

      This is the first time I have been to this site and don’t see any of what you claim to see. I can tell you are a true HR “Professional”

    • Malia en agosto 7, 2020 en 7:25 am

      Hi JR,
      As an employer you should make sure you have someone in place who knows all these laws. Sad to say but for too long a lot of employers have taken advantage of employees. Follow the laws and you won’t have to worry about a lawsuit. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Just no en marzo 18, 2021 en 4:47 pm

      Lol imagine having to pay for every time you break the law? People should be encouraged by to sue if wronged, it shouldn’t be this taboo thing that it is made out to be by some.

    • lauri en julio 6, 2021 en 1:29 am

      it is the responsibility of the employer to know the labor laws for their state, educate yourself!

  41. justin en enero 22, 2020 en 3:23 pm

    Labor code 201 when am I supposed to receive my 401k after i am no longer an employee with a company?

    i’m trying to get them to give me the paperwork so I can get it to my bank do I have to wait 2 1/2 months?

  42. Jose en enero 2, 2020 en 7:16 am

    Name is Jose. I was fired last month on the 22nd never received my last paycheck on that day. What should I do

    • Venice Gamble en abril 30, 2020 en 6:41 am

      Contact an attorney to review your rights, explain circumstances, and see if you have a case to seek damages (and if it is worth the time, costs, and aggravation). Best of luck!

    • lauri en julio 6, 2021 en 1:33 am

      file an complaint, you are entitled to compensation, penalty pay.

  43. Georgia en diciembre 9, 2019 en 7:28 pm

    I gave a two-week notice to my food service job on Thursday but then found out on Sunday that I would have to start my new job sooner than expected. I texted my manager to let him know then I found coverage for all of my scheduled shifts. Do I have to wait until our next payday to receive my final pay since I left sooner than stated on my two-week notice?

  44. Mabel en noviembre 8, 2019 en 7:50 pm

    I quit with giving effective immediately notice on oct 12 and in the notice I requested my check to be mailed to me (I forgot to write out my address but it shows up on my check) I’ve contacted the office manager via text about 3 times to be exact asking if my check has been mailed and the only time she responded (last week) she said that she would check and if it wasn’t she would mail it, I texted her this week for an update, no response. Am I entitled to wage penalties? It’s been about 28 days since the pay day was due. How do I ask for my wage penalties if I am titled? What happens if they pay me but refuse to give me the wage penalties?

    • SHAYDA en noviembre 21, 2019 en 6:47 pm

      Hi Mabel,

      I recently experienced same issue as you are facing and my situation resulted in a favorable outcome…

      In CA, the penalty is a full day of wages for every day final pay is late…and it caps at 30 days. Penalty applies if Employer WILLINGLY fails to pay…penalty doesn’t apply to an employer that unknowingly fails to pay. That said, the law does not perceive an employer’s ignorance as justification.

      My advice to you…

      Compose a demand letter, include a reference to your resignation letter where your inital request about final pay was stated, along with subsequent calls you made and what you were told.

      Include reference to the
      specific code/labor law that you are protected under, and state exact dollar amount you are owed, followed by the formula used to make your calculation, (be sure confirm your calculation with department of labor prior to sending)

      Demand payment to be issued in order to avoid further penalties.

      In my situation…a measley $100 final pay resulted in the company having to pay me $2400.00.

      Good luck!

      • Greg en julio 26, 2020 en 7:00 pm


        I was forced to quit or get terminated due to attendence points, I chose not to quit and told them they could terminate me and HR said ok they’ll send me termination papers and final check as only option. July 9th was not overnighted. Tracking number says made it to usps 11th and now it’s 26th and still hasn’t gotten to me Will I have a winnable claim for penalty pay?

    • JR en febrero 20, 2020 en 8:18 am

      She says your check is there. Just go pick it up. Why should you be “entitled” to anything more than that?

      • Au en marzo 5, 2020 en 11:12 am

        Because its the law. They are required to mail it to her if she asks for it to be mailed. Its not that hard to mail a check.
        If it is that hard, then they need a better payroll/HR staff and that’s not her (their) fault.

  45. eboh en octubre 3, 2019 en 10:00 pm

    so I was terminated on the 25th and I work for a school district. I usually get paid the very last working day of the month. sept 30 came and went and I still do not have any paper works stating the board terminated me and I still don’t have my paycheck. what can I do? I have sick leave, vacation, dependent lea e, and holiday pay that I did not use totaling to 168 hours. are they going to pay me for those hours? if so are they going to be combined with my other pay they owe me?

    • Karin en octubre 11, 2019 en 7:44 am

      if you are in California they must pay you for all hours worked up to the last day of employment including PTO or VAC depending on the type of time off policy they don’t have to pay you for sick time. the check had o be given to you on your last day of work 9/25 if you didn’t received you can file a claim with the state wage and hours dept you should be entitle to waiting time penalty until the day you receive the check.

    • Maricella Salgado en diciembre 12, 2019 en 8:05 pm

      I work for a school district, and they cut me during my probation period because I was nice and became friends with office staff my last day work when they told me I was fired I ask for my check and they said I wouldn’t get it until the end of month and school district have special law and do not have to give me my check on my last day is that true?

      • James Drawdoow en febrero 9, 2021 en 2:05 pm

        Maricella: Did you ever get a response or did anyone provide a code section that provides a school district does not have to issue your final check upon termination & won’t have to pay any penalties for failure to do so?

  46. Maggie Sias en octubre 2, 2019 en 7:16 am

    If an Employer honors a 2-week notice with final date of 10/15, let’s say, but Employee does not need to report to work, is 10/15 still the official final day if he is being paid for regular and OT hours he’d have worked on a regular basis during the 2 week notice?

  47. James Schaeffer en septiembre 20, 2019 en 6:15 pm

    Spoke with eugene lee about a truck driver claim

  48. Rob en septiembre 17, 2019 en 9:40 pm

    What if a final check was never cashed, is the terminated employee entitled to have the check reissued? Is there a maximum timeframe to get this done?

  49. Deb en septiembre 13, 2019 en 6:02 pm

    Can you collect penalty pay for not being paid your penalty pay? I just received my PTO check. That took 12 days. Is the clock still ticking since the have not paid the penalty pay?

    • JC en marzo 22, 2021 en 4:43 pm

      Did you ever get a response to this? What was the outcome? I have the same situation right now.

  50. Lorena en septiembre 12, 2019 en 11:09 pm

    On 12/03/18 My manager called me at his office and told me a authority above him tell him to let me go, I got paid for the 4 days the I was schedule ti work in that week but he did no give me my last check, that evening my manager called me to see how I was doing, I asked for my last check and he said it will check on it with his manager, next day he told me the I was not fired the I was in the system and I will get pay in the regular pay period, which was on 12/14/18 I was schedule to work other days in December but I was informed by my manager that wont happen do to problems between managers, the called me to work four days in January 19 they never called me back but they said I was not laud off or fire, also did not get my 401K, and they never granted me a single rest period, I was on call employee, but sometimes did worked over 40hrs a week.

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