Labor Attorney Eugene Lee Wins $500k and $235k Appeals, Defeats $10 mil. Lawsuit

Congratulations to Eugene Lee, Esq. for winning two separate appeals in the 2d District Court of Appeal. The result allows his clients to keep the $506,000 and $235,000 in judgments he won for each of them. In the process, he defeated a $10 mil. lawsuit that an employer had brought against his client. Opposing counsel were appellate experts Calvin House of Gutierrez Preciado & House, LLP and Frank Weiser of Law Offices of Frank Weiser, respectively. Links to the decisions are below.

Mr. Lee’s record as lead counsel before the Court of Appeal is 8-1, including 3 published opinions.


  1. Victoria on September 22, 2020 at 1:28 pm

    My school district constantly violates labor codes in the guise of “union” baloney. Workers get paid on monthly basis, but extra hours get paid one week later than that. This last month, half of the paraprofessional aides did not get paid for a day they did prior to school opening (a Professional development day). District clearly violated labor law but not paying employees yet.

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