FMLA Medical Leave Expanded to Families of Military

Good news for members of the military.

On January 28, 2008, President Bush signed the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2008 (H.R. 4986) into law, effective immediately. The NDAA expands the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) to provide up to 26 workweeks of medical leave to the immediate relatives (spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin) to care for members of the Armed Forces who are seriously injured or ill. This is more than double the 12 workweeks of medical leave otherwise provided to employees under FMLA. You can read all about it at the Department of Labor website.

The Department of Labor is currently drafting regulations for the law which fill in all the nitty-gritty details. Until then, employers are required to implement the expanded FMLA “in good faith”.

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